Countdown started!

Hey beautiful people!
Two weeks left to go. My holiday countdown has officially started! Only two more weeks of going to the office and talking care of the daily chores before heading to Asia for the first time in my life. I am so excited! Singapore, Bali and Flores will be the destinations to go.


Backpack is bought and ready to get packed… You heard me, the backpack… for a fashionista like me, the idea of travelling around with only a backpack is still a little odd.

I have to say, this is keeping me up at night: In my whole life I never managed to go on the road with only a backpack for more than two days … now I will be gone for almost 4 weeks! OMG!!! How do I get all the stuff I need in there and how do I make it though without all the stuff I have to leave at home?
Since this is creating quite a challenge, I want to show you my preparation for this big trip! It is going to be a fun road and I am more than happy if you guys want to join in.
The next two weeks will pass by pretty quick, a lot of things left to do. But ultimately it is all about getting ready for the road …

Stay tuned for what is next! Hope you have fun reading my blog! Plenty more to come!



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