My Summer Must-Haves

Even though the weather in Germany is costantly challenging my closet and the choice of my outfits, there are few pieces that are my must haves and that make me still believe summer is not over in these rainy days 🙂

Among my favorites there is this woven bag I bought in Bali and woven bags are definitely this summer trend! It matches perfectly all outfits, from floral dresses to jeans and why not, also in the office with a beige chino trousers and a white shirt.

Another favorite of mine is this floral dress from Na-kd. It is perfect because it has long sleeves – and with the German weather you never know – the print is that kinda of romantic print that never bores and it has the boho style I love.

I have to say espadrilles are my summer pure love! I can’t stop collecting them in all different styles and colors! They give to every outfit that summer and cool vibe and they are so comfy and in so many different styles: flat, with high heels, with platform and so on! Love them!


Another summer favourite are caps! I love to mix and match different styles together and caps help me giving that rebel and rock look to all my “off-duty” outfit. My boyfriend collects them and I love stealing them to him – of course that drives him crazy 🙂



Last but not least, sunglasses. Sunglasses are such a fun accessoire which can turn a basic outfit into a cool look and here I admit I am a sunglasses freak, every summer I buy new ones! Even though I am a Rayban fan with more than 15 different models, I love trying different styles and brands and lately I fell in love with the style of LeSpecs, this French brand has really cool sunglasses and the average price is around 50€.


What are your current summer favourites? I’d love to hear your ideas!

PS: I am considering start writing also in German, @German girls? Mädels, was denkt ihr? 🙂

Sending you love,

Manu xx

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