My morning ritual

I have never been a morning person, rather the “don´t talk to me, or you´ll have problems” kind of person, but since I developed my morning ritual I have more energy and I feel more motivated!

Starting a new day with love and positive attitude is the key and it might sound banal but doing as first thing in the morning something good like giving a kiss to your boyfried, a cuddle to your dog, or putting on your favorite playlist really makes you get up happy and with energy! Try it!

My morning rituals start with a big glass of warm Lemon water, which has plenty of benefits! To name a few:

  • it wakes up your digestive system and it prepares your body to absorb nutrients;
  • it gives a boost to your immune System thanks to the Vitamin C
  • it makes your skin more elastic and increase your collagen, as well as helping to purify your skin
  • it could also help you lose weight thanks to the high pectin levels contained in lemons

Not feeling like starting with such a sour taste? Try adding a spoon of raw honey and a tiny bit of cinnamon, it tastes sweet and has still all benefits! I also tried it with apple cider vinegar, honey and cayenne but that is a bit too strong for me and I do it only once in a while.

While waiting for my water to warm up, I turn on my favorite music, take some deep breaths and do some Stretching. After the long night our muscles and articolations are sleepy as well, that´s why it is so important to gently wake them up.


After my warm lemon water I make my coffee and add cold almond, coconut or soya milk to it. For years I haven’t drunk cow milk because that caused me often stomachache and skin impurity. I read a lot about cow milk and I do believe cow milk is too nutriciuos for adults, might makes you fat and additionally the level of Calcium and Vitamin B12 is far higher in other kind of milk than in cow milk.

I love all kind of fruit and in summer even more! Strawberries, watermelon and berries of all kind are my favorite and I always try to pick up seasonal and regional products. A bowl of fresh fruit, plain soya yoghurt and nuts definetely is my energy boost and keeps my belly full till lunch time!

I am also in a rush in the morning, but all that takes me not more than 15 minutes. Everyone should start the day with some “me time” and positive vibes and 15 minutes is definetely not that much!

And you? What is your morning ritual? I´d love to hear yours!


Sending you love





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