2 Weeks Summer Skin Detox

You’ve likely heard of detox diet plans and detox in general, but what about skin detox? I decided to do a little experiment for two weeks where I try a skin detox to get rid of the body’s waste products and to help my skin look more elastic and glowy.

Why now? After the holidays, I feel like my skin in need of more attention especially after the time spent in the sun, the many drinks with friends and “not that healthy” food.

The rules are pretty easy but challenging and are composed of 2 groups: what you eat/drink and what you apply on your skin. I will try to follow them for two weeks. Afterwards, I will post a little skin detox diary. Are you ready?


Drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning. Have a look at my latest post on my morning routine and you will understand why it is so important to add this to your day, so I added that as first rule for my skin detox.

Cut out refined sugars and fried foods. I have been thinking a lot about cutting out with sugar for a while, but never made it for more than few days. This might be the toughest one for me but I do believe my skin will look better after a period away from sweets, chocolate and my loved french fries. Let’s see if I will make it this time.

Cut the coffee. While writing this I already feel kinda of overwhelmed because I love coffee but I believe caffeine is not good for my skin, so I will substitute coffee with white/green and herbal teas.

Drink, drink, drink more water. In summer it is easy to indulge in a cold coke or other soft drinks, but do you know how much sugar are you actually drinking? A lot! Also the water with fruit taste we buy at the supermarket is packed of sugars and it is far away from being that healthy. Better prepare your infused water yourself and it also taste better! I will try some recipes as well and let you know.

Eat more leafy greens to my meals. Luckily I am a big veggie lover so this is a pretty easy one for me and I will get plenty of spinach, kale, and green smoothies as well.


Use natural skin products. Since my holiday in Bali I’ve turned into a huge fan of coconut oil and I use it a lot in cooking or in my bowls. Now I will also try it on my skin! Actually its amazing properties are well known: it is a probably the best moisturiser, it can reduce the risk of bacterial infections, it prevents premature aging and has an amazing smell. Let’s see the effects I will have on my skin!

Apply a face mask and do a scrub. Like many women I do apply every day foundation and concealer and I have the feeling that my cleanse is not enough at the evening, so I will try to apply a face mask every few days and do more often a gentle scrub. That will also force me to find that “me time” every day, which is always kinda tough.

Change your bed sheets twice a week. In the night our body gets rid of many of the toxins and produces sebum. That means that the pillow we sleep on actually absorb these toxins night after night, so changing my pillow after couple of days may also help my skin to be cleaner.

Sweat it out. Ok, we all know how important is exercise for your body and making your skin sweat helps to purify your skin and get rid of impurities. Sauna and steam bath also great as well!


Do you also want to try? Let me know how it goes for you! I’d love to hear your ideas!





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