What’s new in Cologne: Kochhaus

In the last few years we’ve been witnessing to a new healthier wave of eating/cooking, where you get delivered cooking boxes with fresh ingredients and you can cook your recipe at home and reduce the food waste by buying only the ingredients you actually need for the recipe and of course get a healthier meal. That is the idea of HelloFresh, Marley Spoon and Kochhaus.

Recently Kochhaus opened a shop in Cologne so I immediately went to have a look to understand a little bit the whole concept and if I am not wrong, Kochhaus is the only one with a shop, while all others only have an online platform. So I visited the shop which offers a wide range of fine food, fresh ingredients, wine and has also a little cafe’.

The concept of Kochhaus is basically cooking healthy and tasty and buying only what you need for it. The choice is pretty wide and you can choose between many different recipes online and in store there are weekly new recipes. What I really appreciate of this concept is that you can pick up all ingredients you need without buying that “too much” that might later go wasted. That means you can buy a single clove of garlic, or only one tomato – that’s a really efficient idea of cooking and you can personalise it as you wish!

Ok, first I have to do a confession: I am really bad at cooking and when I don’t have muesli and milk and I am starving to death, I mostly end up ordering something via Foodora. Years ago, my mum tried to teach me to cook, but at the time I was not interested and wanted to spend my time going out eating with friends rather than cooking home and then do the clean up. I know, as an Italian that’s really a shame! My boyfriend also hoped for a cute Italian girl good at cooking, but then he found me – oops!! 🙂 Fun fact: one of our first dates I invited him for dinner and he ended up cooking ’cause I miserably failed!

Personally I think this is a really good chance to approach the art of cooking and learn how to cook and then replicate recipes adapting it to your personal taste. And there is also the fun and exciting part of learning something new!

How do they work? 

With HelloFresh you can choose a classic box or a vegetarian box, for how many people you want to cook (2-4 people) and how often you want to get your box (3 times or 5 times per week) and all can be cooked in 30 mins. Price? For 2 people and 3 meals a week, it’s 32,99€. However, you don’t know what you will receive as a recipe and you might like it or not. Foodwise I am really difficult and the idea of not knowing what I am going to cook doesn’t really excite me – that’s why I haven’t tried HelloFresh yet.

Online Kochhaus works the same way as HelloFresh but here you have the opportunity to choose what you want to cook. For 2 people and 3 meals weekly it’s 39€. A little more expensive than HelloFresh, but here you can pick up your recipe.

Overall, Kochhaus and HelloFresh are more expensive than the supermarket but they are definitely cheaper and healthier than a delivered Pizza or Burger. That’s why I am gonna give a try to these Kochhaus Ravioli.


And you, have you already tried one of these cooking boxes? I’d love to hear your opinion!






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